The Prince Of Wales Family Tree

In the second half of the nineteenth century, a new lodge could be formed by the masons wishing to form them, by presenting a petition to another lodge of the same constitution.

The petition having been approved by the lodge to which it was submitted, the new lodge could be formed and meet. It is believed this process was allowed to recognize the significant delay which, in those days of sailing ships and slow mail, would have resulted if each application had to be submitted to Grand Lodge in London for approval.

It was in this fashion, the Prince of Wales’ Lodge was formed – by petition submitted to Waitemata Lodge No. 689. As a result, Waitemata Lodge will always be the mother lodge for the Prince of Wales Lodge.

In the same manner, the Prince of Wales Lodge approved the petitions for the formation of the following daughter lodges:

Corinthian Lodge No. 1655 formed 1876 in Grahamstown (now Thames)

Remuera Lodge No. 1710 formed 1877 in Newmarket

Rodney Lodge No. 1711 formed 1877 in Warkworth

Opotiki Lodge No. 1930 formed 1881 in Opotiki

Albion Lodge No. 2003 formed 1883 in Devonport  (Became Albion Lodge No. 45 NZC in 1890)

Alpha Lodge No. 2014 formed 1883 in Cambridge (Became Alpha Lodge No. 81 NZC in 1890)