Freemasonry and Charity

The three Grand Principles on which the Order is founded are “Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth” so Freemasons regard charity as an essential part of their lives.

The main difference between Masonic Charity and other charitable organisations like Rotary and Lions is that fund raising is done internally without appeal to the public.

While some of Freemason’s charity is naturally focused on looking after members and their families, the bulk is directed into the wider community.

Masonic Charity works at a number of levels and in different ways depending on the perceived need.

As a Lodge, each year the Master selects a Charity he would like to support and, during the year, members are asked to contribute with additional funds coming from the Lodge resources. In the past, the lodge has made donations to:

  • Carlson School for Special Needs Children
  • Blind Foundation Dog training
  • Scouting NZ
  • Kapahaka
  • Mercy Hospice

Most recently, the Lodge has been the single largest donor lodge on the introduction to New Zealand of the Teddies for Loving Care Appeal (TLC Appeal), a charity that provides teddy bears to Emergency Department staff to calm and comfort young children and which has, at 31 March 2020, given away over 27,000 teddy bears across New Zealand – that is over 27,000 children who have benefited.

We also work with other lodges on various charitable endeavors.

One example is the Freemasons of Auckland Kidz First team. We are one of several Auckland lodges who go into Kidz First Hospital at Middlemore every year and decorate for Christmas.

For our Lodge, the ultimate charitable body is the Masonic Charitable Foundation, administered through the United Grand Lodge of England in London. The MCF has combined the roles and resources of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys, the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution, the Samaritans Funs and the Grand Charity and is a major donor of grants. In 2019, the MCF gave grants totaling over £18 million to over 480 charities in addition to supporting over 3,000 freemasons and their families.

The activities of the MCF have included giving grants to support the victims of the earthquakes in Christchurch and contributing to a fund to support the children of those affected by the Christchurch Mosque Shootings in 2019.

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We also join with other lodges under UGLE in the North Island to support our District Charitable Trust which provides support to members and families of those lodges as well as contributing to local charities. Again, through our District, we are involved in the activities of the Freemasons Foundation which is a combined effort by all Freemasons in New Zealand. They make many grants to the community including supporting medical research and providing university scholarships.

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